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We’ve just announced our “ Runway Series Summit : The Fundamentals of Success “ 💥

3 days, 13 talks, 36 speakers, 4 time zones…

For our Venture Notes readers, we’re giving you a 20% discount applicable for the whole Summit !
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With speakers from :

A word about UPCOMINGVC®

Since 2017, we connect founders, aspiring VCs and world-class VCs through immersive, digital content & physical, life-size, unique events.

Our mission is to elevate through practice the understanding of the VCs methods and foster the NextGen of Founders & VC in order to respectively help better raise and better invest.

We started in 2017 with a unique physical event format, our very own Venture Capital Investment Challenges (watch here, read there). A few figures:

  • 4 iterations of this format

  • 10'000+ minutes of simulated due diligence meetings

  • 400+ due diligence workshops

  • 500+ minutes of Challengers Demo Day

  • 100+ challengers participated on 350+ applications

  • 40+ startups participated on 200+ applications

  • We’re running an UPCOMINGVC® Ambassador program with currently 13 ambassadors based in Singapore, the US, Sweden, France, the UK, Abu Dhabi, Germany.. Looking to join? Let us know.

We -by chance re: the Covid19 situation- decided to launch our very own podcast, “Runway Series Originals” (listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify) back in October 2019 and so far had the opportunity to learn from 75+ guests (VCs, Founders, Student-VCs) across 65+ episodes.

Runway Series (Apple Podcasts)

Runway Series (Spotify)

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