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Venture Talks #4 : "Open Source Software: Why Now?"Listen now (71 min) | A live talk with Crane VC, and the Co-Founders of Airbyte, Traefik Labs and CloudBees.
The 3 founders have collectively raised over US$100M from Accel, Benchmark, Lightspeed..
Building the super fintech app for Western Africa.Listen now (41 min) | Ep52 with Hassan Bourgi, repeat founder, Co-Founder & CEO Djamo (YC W21) based in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.
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Venture Notes has been around for a 1,5y. We want to make it more valuable to you.
­čĺ│ NFTs before you heard about NFTs.Listen now | Since 2017, Arianee has put NFTs at the core of their tech, before anyone else did.
The weight of a user & product centric culture from a VC perspective.Listen now (55 min) | Our first joint episode of ┬źProduct Stories┬╗ with Axel Sooriah (from Product Squad).
­čôŹPioneering the Micro VC space.Listen now | With Jeff Clavier, VC @ Uncork // Runway Series Summit: Replays & Shownotes!
50% drop + "NFTs" Full ReplayListen now (83 min) | 37 CEOs & VCs @ 50% off // Listen why VCs invest in NFTs startups // Open Source Software : Why Now?
Join 4 YC Founders in our first live "Human Factor"
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