230 days 15 hours 20 minutes.☄

Loads of audio content in English to come.

Hej Venturers,
It’s been a month since we last issued a note.
Inside today:
1. Our summit! In 🇬🇧
2. Finally launching Human Factor! In 🇬🇧
3. Our recent podcasts. In 🇫🇷
Let’s go.

1. Our summit! In 🇬🇧

After 15 months of podcasting about Venture, 75+ guests and 6 formats (including our upcoming 2nd episode of “No-Code VC / Fit” in 🇬🇧 with Evgenia Plotnikova, Partner at Dawn Capital), we sincerely want to follow up with all of our guests, because we reject the idea of ​​podcasting only for the exercise of creating ongoing content without memory effect.

We deeply want to bring continuous value to our audience including with our previous guests whose analytical and pedagogical skills are amazing.

That’s why we’re excited to pre-announce that we’re organizing our Summit #1 in 🇬🇧!

  • May 25-27, 2021, online

  • 3 days of panel discussions (3x 30min panels per day = 9 panels i.e. 4 1/2 hours of talks - replays available)

  • A few additional formats ;) stay tuned

  • with 30 guests (VC / Founders) - already 27 have confirmed!

  • on high level topics (DNA for success, the Power of focus ..), not on practical execution (no talks about how to raise, what KPIs for SaaS companies at Seed to graduate for the A etc.)

  • All the details are coming very very soon.

  • Leave us a comment in thread on this post to pre-save your seat

Save the date in your GCal

2. Finally launching Human Factor! In 🇬🇧

We're uber excited to share we’ve launched officially yesterday Human Factor!
When you join the Human Factor Community, our mission is to help you understand how to become your better-self.

For us it means:
1. Finding the better part of your own nature.
2. Finding what is most precious in yourself in respecting others.

We acknowledge this highly conceptual definition needs some down to earth guidance. It also requires hard work, dedication and persistence. Think "sport" but for your most intimate true you.

And while anyone willing to achieve it, would live this journey on a path very different from her neighbor's, our path is to take 16 examples of mission-driven French founders that have gone through a unique entrepreneurship experience by its selectivity and intensity: Y Combinator, in Silicon Valley ("YC").

We’re different: we will not talk the startup lingo and share busy buzzwords you could read on TechCrunch. We'll focus on Human Relationships and how "YC" has reshaped our 16 founders' definition of themselves.

Joining the Human Factor Community is not only supporting the Human Factor project. For € 15 per month, or € 150 a year (this means 2 months off)

1. you will live the backstage of Human Factor with
_ almost daily private podcasts (3 to 10 min each)
_ and a monthly written private piece (our objective is to publish bi-weekly)

2. you will join a Community of members sharing the same objective
_ a slack + a directory + your first name & picture on our homepage
_ bi-weekly masterminds in groups + monthly catch-all sessions to share our own progress toward being our better-selves and be accountable in public (ie with the Community)
_ 1 to 3 private fireside chats with external experts on this shared objective

3. you will have prime access to the 4 episodes of Human Factor before anyone else does outside of our Community
_ collective preview of the episode where we'll also invite the 16 founders (depending upon their agenda)
_ private access 1 month before public distribution to the first 3 episodes of Human Factor
_ private access 6 months before public distribution to the episode #4 about the "Venture Capitalists".

Our first, 5-minute private podcasts have been published:
_ EP#2 - 12/02/2021: "230D 15H 20M".
_ EP#1 - 11/02/2021: "Postpone or go on plan, our decision".

Human Factor is limited to 50 members.

Join Human Factor

3. Our recent podcasts. In 🇫🇷

45. Géraldine Le Meur, Partner & General Manager @ LeFonds by FrenchFounders - Repeat Founder et l'importance du soutien d'un réseau international pour accompagner le scale-up‪.‬ (Apple Podcasts / Spotify)
44. Nathaniel Bern, Co-Founder & CTO @ Medadom - Lever une Series A de € 40 millions pour faire un leader mondial de la télémédecine‪.‬ (Apple Podcasts / Spotify)
43. Olivier Mougenot, VC @ Citizen Capital - L'impact investing: tout sauf un filtre d'analyse mais une réponse aux enjeux de transformation sociétale‪.‬ (Apple Podcasts / Spotify)
MOMENTOR #2 - Bastien Rambaud (Co-Founder de VESTO) échange avec Guy Pezaku (Co-Founder de MURFY) et Melchior Mesnard, créateur de Momentor‪‬. (Apple Podcasts / Spotify)

That’s all for today, have a good wknd,
Raph, Founder UPCOMINGVC®