🔴 LIVE: NFTs x Seedcamp

Come ask your questions about NFTs to a VC investing in the space.

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Hej Venturers,

I hope you’re doing well, let’s go directly to today’s topic.

We’re bringing back to life our immersive podcast format “AMA VC”.

From April to May 2020, we had the idea

  • to organize immersive 6 live talks with VCs about specific topics such as “PMF” / “Revenue Models” / “Founding Team” / “Market Sizing” / “Hiring Needs” / “How much to raise”

  • in a very comfy format: we invited a VC and welcomed 3 to 5 participants who asked all their questions directly to the VC who candidly shared her insights and actionable pieces of advice. We then published the replay as a podcast.

Listen to AMA VC in 2020 (in 🇫🇷)

It is a format participants loved as much as we did. So AMA VC is back !

The new AMA VC

First of all it will be in 🇬🇧 and not in 🇫🇷.

About our first upcoming episode :

  • NFTs from the angle of a VC

  • With Sia Houchangnia, Partner at Seedcamp who has backed Sorare since its 2019 US$500k pre-seed round. Sorare just announced in 2021 a US$50M round with Benchmark and Accel.

  • On May 17, 2021 at 6PM UK (7PM CET)

  • Duration 90 min max

  • Only 3 to 5 spots available

  • Private Live : meaning live restricted to the 3 to 5 participants.

We’ve not yet publicly announced this AMA VC episode and we’re very excited to give you the primer about it.

Some of the topics that may be covered:

_ Definition of an NFT
_ How NFTs are different from one another
_ Monetization on traded tokens and potential royalties
_ Consumer incentives for buying NFTs
_ An opportunity for long-term passive income
_ NFT marketplaces & aggregators
_ Innovations thanks to the NFT boom
_ How physical assets can live digitally
_ An opportunity for legacy brands?
_ A “hype cycle”?
_ Lessons for investors in the NFT space & for buildings in the NFT space

How to ask your questions to Sia about NFTs?

We’ve not built yet the landing page amavc.co/nft so if you’re interested to be one of the 3 to 5 participants, hit reply to this email and indicate your full name + linkedin url.

First come first served ! In case we see huge interest, we may add 3 to 5 seats but as of today it is unlikely, in order to keep the private & comfy atmosphere.

Topics to suggest for later AMA VC episodes?

Just hit reply to this email and share your thoughts. Thank you!

Keep safe & speak soon,
Raph, Founder UPCOMINGVC®