Announcing HUMAN FACTOR 🧬

An audio-doc about the Human in the Y Combinator experience.

Hi everyone,

We’re on Product Hunt today. Here is why.

We’re excited to announce the prelaunch of HUMAN FACTOR.

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Why Human Factor.

HUMAN FACTOR is a Community built around the eponym audio-documentary, sheding light on the place of the Human during the Y Combinator experience, helping you understand how to take advantage of situations of utmost intensity, to become your better-self.

The HUMAN FACTOR Community will follow during 6 months the making of this 4-episode audio-documentary, that will be designed as an enriched & immersive audio format.

HUMAN FACTOR will help you understand what evolving human relations through the Y Combinator experience, have as an impact on the psychology of an entrepreneur at hyper growth stage.

Why we’re taking the Y Combinator example.

Y Combinator is Silicon Valley's most exclusive school for startups. Y Combinator has funded nearly 2,000 startups since its inception in 2005. The value of its portfolio is believed to exceed $ 150 billion with tech icons like Airbnb, Coinbase, Dropbox, Stripe, Twitch.

What we know about YC: all things “Execution” 🟩

Growth. MRR. Retention. Cohort. Pitch. Iteration. Ship. Market size. Dilution. SAFEs. Valuation. Literature, blog posts, tweets, podcasts around these subjects at the heart of the YC entrepreneur's attention, selected to join YC to confront relentlessly for three months her ideas, her product, her execution to the reality of her sometimes still unknown market.

What we DON'T know about YC: all things “Human”

On the other hand,

  • how to understand the impact on human relations of these twelve weeks of relentless business acceleration that has no equivalence?

  • What definition (s) do humans take in this race for hyper growth?

  • What does the entrepreneur learn about herself?

  • How does she struggle with or against her doubts?

  • What psychological mechanism (s) are tested, weakened or strengthened?

Through four episodes, this HUMAN FACTOR audio-documentary, as close as possible to the "YC" reality that sixteen French 🇫🇷 entrepreneurs experienced, will bring us insight and answers on the place of the Human when a YC founder interacts with

  • EP # 1: her Teammates & Co-Founders,

  • EP # 2: Y Combinator Partners, Alumni, Batchmates,

  • EP # 3: her Users and

  • EP # 4: Venture Capitalists.

Why we’re prelaunching.

  • This HUMAN FACTOR Community project around an audio format is a great first!

  • To be able to launch the HUMAN FACTOR project, we need to have as many people as possible who share HUMAN FACTOR around them!

  • HUMAN FACTOR is a private paying community limited to 50 members!

Join us in the pre-launch and see who the 16 founders are, as well as discover the benefits of joining the HUMAN FACTOR Community!

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The website is in 🇫🇷 because we considered in the first place to distribute HUMAN FACTOR in France.. but it is (very) likely that we'll add an 🇺🇸 version!

Speak soon,
Raph, Founder UPCOMINGVC®