No-Code = No VC ❓

How to build a Venture-backable No-Code startup.

Hej Venturers - wishing you a great 2021, 10x better than 2020 obviously! Curious to learn how many newsletters you’ve subscribed to, to prepare your 2021’s reading list! ;) In this this first Venture Notes of 2021:
1. helping No-Code Founders understand how to be VC-backable,
2. launching Human Factor this month.
Let’s go.

1. Helping No-Code Founders understand how to be VC-backable.

If you are a No-Code entrepreneur, it's for you.

With Alexis Kovalenko, co-founder of > Contournement> and No-Code 🇫🇷, the 1st non-English speaking community around No-Code, we’ve designed an exercise to help you grow your No-Code startup.

  • A podcast format 🎙

  • with an investor active in the No-Code space 📟

  • where 3 entrepreneurs including you will pitch and confront their No-Code product with the reality of the investment criteria of VCs. 📊

We call this podcast "No-Code / VC Fit”, with reference to the concept of "Product / Market-Fit".

Depending upon the selected startups, this podcast will be either in 🇫🇷 or 🇬🇧.

The goal of this "No-Code / VC Fit" podcast is to help you understand what a VC investing in No-Code is looking for, if your goal as an entrepreneur is to make a Venture-Backable No-Code Startup. 🚀

We’re recording the 1st episode with Pascal Levy-Garboua, repeat founder, BA and Venture Partner at Long Journey Ventures. Pascal has notably invested in Notion or Adalo and is involved in Ottho's strategy.

So as a No-Code Founder, if you want to build a Venture-backable No-Code Startup…

... Apply to participate!

Just for you : Episode 2 will be recorded with Evgenia Plotnikova, Partner at Dawn Capital. She namely invested in Bryter, a tool that automates the population of hundreds of NDAs pulling the relevant data from legal documents. 🎧 Learn more about Evgenia on Apple or Spotify.

2. Launching Human Factor this month

We’ve recently announced the prelaunch of HUMAN FACTOR.

The objective of Human Factor is to help you understand how to take advantage of situations of extreme intensity to become your better-self.

Human Factor is a Community + a Content.

  1. In the COMMUNITY, you follow the making of the content (see below) + join a tribe of like-minded people willing to achieve their goals by being aligned with themselves, their beliefs, their principles and people surrounding them.

  2. With the CONTENT, we’re building an enriched & immersive 4-episode audio-documentary aiming at understanding what impact evolving human relations through the Y Combinator experience have, on the psychology of an entrepreneur at hypergrowth stage. YC is what we think the best illustration of this situation of extreme intensity. You will discover 16 different experiences from 16 YC French Alumni.

The Human Factor project aiming at building a Community on an audio format is a great first. Human Factor will be a paid Community limited to 50 members and we are launching on Jan. 28, 2021.

In order to launch the Human Factor project, we need your support from the very beginning (not binding).

Pre-register to Human Factor

That’s all for today, thanks for reading!
Raph, from UPCOMINGVC®