Important news. Housekeeping.

Venture Notes has been around for a 1,5y. We want to make it more valuable to you.

Hi everyone,

I heard that some of you were enjoying a summer break in the Stockholm Archipelago (I love Sandhamn & Bullandö), in Tuscany, Italy (so restful), French Brittany (I was there 2 weeks ago!).. Where have you been? #TeamHiking #TeamBeach #TeamCulture.. #TeamStillAtWork?

Good news! We’ll be able very soon to share that altogether and obviously so much more in particular about venture capital and innovation ;)

That brings me to today’s agenda.

What’s new with Venture Notes after the summer season?

We’ve been around for 18 months and you shared with us via email a good amount of positive, encouraging feedback, in particular when we talked about Voice & Consumer Social, Cannabinoid and more recently our two pieces about NFTs with Seedcamp & Arianee and that about the Micro-VC space in the Valley.

Given this support and a few suggestions you gave us, we want to double down on our efforts to make this content even more valuable to and actionable for you. This leads us to the following starting Sept 1, 2021:

  • Prevailing English content, the objective being 100% by Q1-2022

  • Better know who you are, in order to:

  • Give you increased opportunities to participate to our content

  • Have you, readers / listeners, engage with each other

  • Give you referral incentives and perks

Introducing paid memberships

While “Venture Notes” & “Runway Series”(the podcast) have always been free, we think that we can achieve for you much more value-add with a membership plan.

For € 9 / month (or € 90 / year), you’ll get

  • 8 to 10 private, ad-free, full-length podcast episodes per year: “Runway Series”, “Venture Talks”, “AMA VC”, “No-Code VC / Fit”… and soon a new short-format

  • detailed shownotes of each podcast episode

  • invitation to live talks, podcast recordings and thematic events / summits we organize

  • NEW: access to our community chat ( where you’ll be able to engage with fellow subscribers about the podcast, news and collaboration opportunities (jobs, investments, content contribution..)

  • NEW: monthly online video get-togethers on Zoom or Geneva (the tool we use for our community chat) to share our ideas about startup land and what you’re up to

  • FREE: (normally € 29 one-shot): full access to the 13 audio replays & shownotes of the “Runway Series Summit: The Fundamentals of Success” (13 conferences, 3 days, 28 VCs, 11 CEOs, 4 time zones)

  • NEW: some partner perks too!

  • NEW: we’re considering starting to share with our Venture Notes members startup investment opportunities we’re increasingly getting, that we would syndicate through SPV. What do you think?

All this will start Sept 1, 2021 with the opening of season 3 of the “Runway Series” with a consumer fintech founder.

On august 31st, 2021 we will draw 50 current subscribers amongst you and offer them a free LIFETIME full membership plan on "Venture Notes"!

Refer 5 friends and get 2 months free of the paid plan

From Sept 1, 2021 if you have a membership plan, you can refer 5 friends to the free plan and we offer you 2 months of the paid plan worth € 18.

We will not ourselves add the emails of your friends: we will reach out to them to inform about the potential perks you'll all get if they subscribe. #TeamPrivacy #TeamOptIn

Good news: we will also offer to your friends 1 month of the paid plan worth €9 if they subscribe.

What about the free membership?

While all full-length podcast episodes will only be available for the paid members of “Venture Notes”, subscribers with a free plan will still be able to listen to the first 15-ish minutes on e.g. Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Subscribers with a free plan will still get occasional “Venture Notes” newsletters and very seldom a full-length podcast episode on “Venture Notes”, though the number of which will be very limited.

Finally, we will be introducing ads on the free plan and on the audio streaming platforms. If you are a corporate, a B2B or Consumer brand, reach out to us to learn how we can partner.

I guess that is quite a lot to digest on a sunny summerly Sunday so do not hesitate to reply to this email with all your questions.

Enjoy your day,
Raph, founder UPCOMINGVC®