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1⃣ 50% off for 13 hours of VCs & CEOs live discussions
2⃣ AMA VC Replay: Why & how to invest in NFTs startups, by Seedcamp
3⃣ Open Source Software : Why Now ? Save the date.

1⃣ 50% off for 13 hours of VCs & CEOs live discussions

28 VCs.
11 CEOs.
13 Conferences in 🇬🇧.
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Straight talks on the Fundamentals of Success, entrepreneurship DNA, co-founding teams dynamics, company exiting, data, creativity, focus, change, remote, diversity and inclusion, B2B marketplaces, hyper growth psychology, branding, embedded finance, European playbook, straight from VC partners and founding CEOs of Seedcamp, Dawn, Ventech, Cherry, Point Nine, GFC, Kima, Ring, Speedinvest, Frst, Alven, Elaia, Medadom, Labellevie, Kaiko, Convelio & many more...

With the promo code AMAVCNFT, join us online at the «Runway Series Summit: The Fundamentals of Success» next week on June 1, 2 and 3 over lunch breaks & afterworks, and get 50% off to attend 13 hours of VCs & CEOs live discussions about the Fundamentals of Success.

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2⃣ AMA VC Replay: Why & how to invest in NFTs startups, by Seedcamp

After 10 days of public streaming of this episode on Runway Series on e.g. Spotify & Apple Podcasts, this replay in 🇬🇧 is now available only here on Venture Notes for you.

Art, music, collectibles, properties, sneakers.. everything you have been listening to and owning in real life, could (has already?) become "Non-Fungible Tokens" aka NFTs.

VCs have been very active recently in the space, such as Seedcamp with Sorare.

NFTs is a multi-faceted opportunity, including for investors, creators & established or emerging communities of fans.

Yet as an investor, how to identify real investment opportunities with teams having a true vision from momentum-based founders hopping onto what for some people appears to be a craze?

On May 17th, we received Sia Houchangnia, Partner at Seedcamp who has been supporting Sorare since their 2019 pre-seed $500k round (in 2021, Sorare announced a $50M round led by Benchmark ).

In this amazing & private live Ask Me Anything session with Sia, we talk about
📍Consumer incentives for buying & collect NFTs;
📍What has yet to be developed in the NFT value chain;
📍Thinking from day one as a Founder in the NFT space "open platform" & interconnections of layers on top of their product;
📍Lessons by Sia from his investment in Sorare for investors in the space.

Enjoy the episode!

3⃣ Open Source Software : Why Now ? Save the date.

On June 10 at 11.30 am CET for our “Venture Talks #4”, together with Alexis Kovalenko, Co-Founder & host @ >Contournement> & Co-Founder @ No-Code France, we will co-host a private & live discussion in 🇬🇧 about OSS with:

By the way, in March, John & Airbyte announced a $5.2M Seed round with Accel. Today, they’re announcing a $26M Series A with Benchmark! We received John just after his Series A for our second “off” episode of Human Factor, listen to this great convo here >>

The idea is to discuss through examples & perspectives with open source software founders and investors about: costs, freedom & flexibility vs. centralized governance, how open source helps attract talent and its community aspect, why open source could become the model for innovation. We will also discuss the risks, how to choose an open source project to integrate into one company's development, the opportunity for investors and what to consider in a deal as a VC and much more.

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