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Announcing our 1st Runway Series Summit !

Hej Venturers,

Today we are really excited to share with you this upcoming and unique 3-day online event we’ve been preparing for weeks…
… + an exclusive offer for you 🎁 because you’ve been following Venture Notes for almost two years.

You’re the first ones to learn about the following as we’ve not yet publicly announced. We plan to go live next Tuesday April 6th.

So without further ado, introducing….

Runway Series Summit #1 💥

What is Runway Series Summit #1 (a.k.a. #RSS1)?

#RSS1 is a 3 day online event in 🇬🇧 with 13 live talks and 36 guests (VC & Founders) all about transverse, strategic topics & new perspectives.

📆 June 1, 2 and 3, 2021

The idea with #RSS1 is to take a break and a step back from execution, over lunch and after work, while reflecting on the fundamentals of success.

🕐 To accommodate your agenda, we’ve chosen to run the Summit during regular day breaks: 11h30am - 1.45pm & 5.30pm - 7pm

The 36 guests have already participated to the podcast "Runway Series" in 2019-2021 (Apple / Spotify).

What's also unique besides inviting again former guests of this podcast: all the 13 talks will be moderated by one of these 36 guests, which will increase the depth of the discussions.

Go to the Summit page

Why attend the Summit?

#RSS1 is different.

  1. Different by its TOPICS

    Though critical to address to help a startup grow, the Summit will NOT focus on topics related to execution. No dedicated talks about hiring. No dedicated talks about “2021 SaaS metrics to watch”. No dedicated talks about “How to raise a Series A during the pandemic”.

    We’ve however identified 13 high level topics, including two vertical ones that will help you reflect on the fundamentals of success.

    These transverse and fundamental topics are:

    📍DAY 1
    1: Knowing when and how to sell your company.
    2: Building a remote-first Culture.
    3: Is DNA for success set from Day 1?
    4: Harnessing the power of focus.
    📍DAY 2
    5: Successful co-founders dynamics.
    6: Why branding is important.
    7: The European playbook.
    8: Staying uncomfortable to embrace change.
    📍DAY 3
    9: B2B Marketplaces.
    10: Startup in hyper growth: a new psychology?
    11: Fintech and embedded finance.
    12: Diversity and Inclusion.
    13: The balance between data and creativity.

  2. Different for its SETUP

    As evoked, all the 13 talks will be moderated by one of the 36 guests, a setup that will mechanically increase the depth of the discussions.
    Myself Raph or anyone part of UPCOMINGVC® will NOT moderate the talks.
    Only VCs and Founders will.

    Read more about the 13 talks

Who are the VCs and the Founders participating to the 13 talks?

In particular:

See who's in the 13 talks

Who should attend the Summit?

Given the breadth of the perspectives and depth of the talks, attending the Summit is highly recommended for

  • Students or young professionals looking to break into Venture Capital & Startup land

  • Tech founders from pre-revenue up to scale-up

  • Venture Capitalists

  • Tech enthusiasts, forward thinkers

I want to attend

Your unique, exclusive PERK 🎁

For our Venture Notes readers, we’re really excited to give you a 20% discount applicable for the whole Summit !

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Please note that we’ve currently spared 100 of such seats for you, so first come first served ! We plan to go live with the public announcement next Tuesday April 6th.

Early bird regular price plan is € 39 per talk or € 69 for the all access e-pass (13 talks), so for you it is € 31.2 per talk or or € 55.2 for the all access e-pass (13 talks), kinda no-brainer 🧠.

Attendees to the Summit will have access to:

🎙 The 13 live talks.
🖐 A dedicated slack where you will have the possibility to write your questions that will be asked at the end of each talk and engage with each other.
⏯ The 13 audio replays before anyone else does.

Enjoy the discount & get your tickets

🎯 On April 16th, regular price plan will be upped to € 49 per talk or € 89 for the all access e-pass (13 talks), so get your 20% now !

We are really excited about this Runway Series Summit #1 !
We hope you are too!
We will share with you the behind the scenes as we approach the Summit.

Questions? Just hit reply!

Speak soon,
Raph Grieco, Founder UPCOMINGVC®