Top newsletters 📩 in 2021 + a tip.

Our hand-curated list of 30 newsletters about VC, Tech, Startup, Entrepreneurship.

Hej Venturers,

Before we head into the holiday spirit, here is today’s agenda:
🟩 Time to take care of yourself: become your better-self;
🟩 Our 30 hand-curated newsletters.

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Time to take care of yourself: become your better-self

We’ve recently announced the prelaunch of HUMAN FACTOR.

The objective of Human Factor is to help you understand how to take advantage of situations of extreme intensity to become your better-self.

Human Factor is a Community + a Content.

  1. In the Community, you follow the making of the content (see below) + join a tribe of like-minded people willing to achieve their goals by being aligned with themselves, their beliefs, their principles and people surrounding them.

  2. With the Content, we’re building an enriched & immersive 4-episode audio-documentary aiming at understanding what impact evolving human relations through the Y Combinator experience have, on the psychology of an entrepreneur at hypergrowth stage. YC is what we think the best illustration of this situation of extreme intensity. You will discover 16 different experiences from 16 YC French Alumni.

The Human Factor project aiming at building a Community on an audio format is a great first. Human Factor will be a paid Community limited to 50 members and we are launching on Jan. 28, 2021 (based on your feedback ⭐, we’ve extended the pre-launch phase due to holiday seasons).

In order to launch the Human Factor project, we need your support from the very beginning (not binding).

Pre-register to Human Factor.

Our 30 hand-curated newsletters

Lost in the newsletters jungle? We have the solution. With UPCOMINGVC®, we don't really like news curating, the news on the news, because all too often without the expected META dimension.

In short, content for content. 🙅‍♂️

That's why we only talk about our own content, for example our Runway Series podcast. But we're going to make an EXCEPTION, here are

✨ Our 30 favorite newsletters ✨

…. well, actually: 40 ! 🎁 We’ve also highlighted those we read the most in 🇫🇷 & 🇬🇧 when we want to follow the news about Startup, Venture Capital, Investments & Entrepreneurship.

What happened in the last quarter for Runway Series?

Quick recap of the 5 episodes of Q4’2020 of our podcast Runway Series that accelerated the most in the first 7 days after their release !

Why 7 days? 🤔
🏃‍♀ 7 days is a week.
🏒 a 7-day period allows you to test a complete calendar cycle.
❓ Actually I don't really know ...;)

Here is the list:
1. Marie-Capucine Lemétais, Partner at Ring Capital (E41, Apple / Spotify)
2. Florent Breton, Co-Founder & CEO at Acquire App (E39, Apple / Spotify)
3. Gabriel de Vinzelles, VC & Principal at Frst (E37, Apple / Spotify)
4. Kevin Bourgeois, Co-Founder & CEO at Supermood (E36, Apple / Spotify)
5. Shiraz Mahfoudhi, VC at Speedinvest (E38, Apple / Spotify)

That’s all for today, have a great week & reading time!
Raph, from UPCOMINGVC®